We are a second generation breeder with over 35 years of experience in our family.  Most of
my childhood was spent caring for newborn puppies: feeding,cleaning, and playing with  puppies
as they grew on our farm for the few weeks before all going to new homes.  My parents, who
are now in their mid 70's, still breed goldens here with us inTennessee.  You can view their
website at www.solidrockgoldens.com to see the quality of dogs we raise in our families.

We now have four children of our own and wanted them to be able to experience the joy of
having and caring for dogs of their own as well.  As a  child, and through the many years that
followed, Golden Retrievers have remained at the top of the list of my favorite breeds, and I
am confident that as you look for your very own pet, that they may very well become your
favorite as well.  We are located in the beautiful rural area of Springfield,Tennessee just a
few miles north of Nashville.

Our highest priorities in breeding goldens are pedigree, intelligence, and workability.  We
want our clients to be able to choose their new puppy from outstanding world class breeding.  
As you look through our website,  I am convinced that you will see we have taken great care to
develop and produce gorgeous, intelligent, and healthy pets.  

We would love to help you become the next proud owner of a beautiful baby Golden Retriever.  
You can pick them up at our home or we can ship them nationwide.  If e-mailing for availability,
please indicate the specifics of what you are looking for . . . such as color (light or medium
golden), sex and size.  We love matching puppies to their perfect family.  

Puppies raised in our home
Socialized with family and children
Excellent pedigrees on both Sire & Dam sides
You may contact us as follows:

  • Contact page on site
  • cell:  615.390.8382
  • email: shankramm@aol.com