Kramm's Golden Rueger

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Angel (above) is one of our full English Cream females.   She has a
beautiful blocky build with a thick, beautiful cream coat.  She is one
of our second generation goldens as she is the daughter of Snowy
Bear and Ginger.   Her pedigree and bloodline are full of
championships and OFA certifications.  
Jazzmine (left) is the daughter of Gracy (pictured
above) and Buddy-Boy who lives with our
parents in North Carolina.  Jazzmine has a nice
full coat with a blocky build.  She is not as tall as
her mom Gracy, but is just as strong and
inherited an abundant milk supply from her mom
as well.  She is adjusting very well to her role as
a new mom and has produced a variety of color
among her puppies!
Kramm's Music City Jazzmine
Sweetest Carolina Ginger "Gini" has been a part of our golden family
since  2015 .  She possesses a curious nature. Gini has a strong, blocky
build, and she has proven to be a great mother! Gini has multiple
champions in her bloodline, and her grandfather is a certified therapy
HR Sweetest Carolina Ginger "Gini"
Princess (above) is a pure English Cream golden, and she possess a strong stout build.  
Her parents belong to our parents, and you can meet her mother Holly and father Prince
on their website  Princess is vibrant in nature and likes to stay
close to anyone who will pet her!  You can meet her parents Prince and Holly at which is our parents website (who also raise goldens)!
Honey  (above) has a very strong pedigree and her bloodline has multiple
championships and OFA certifications (38 in six generations).  Honey's beautiful
coat and her stout frame are two of her strong assets.  As a first-time mom she
delivered her 10 puppies in a record delivery time of 4 hours!!
Kramm's Golden Texas Honey
Sir Duke The Prince of Springfield
Rueger is our newest male golden (2018).  Since retiring Samson (his
uncle), we were waiting for another male puppy that reminded us of
Samson!  Rueger has a slightly darker coat than Samson, but the same
majestic build and loving personality are all present.  Rueger's parents
are Captain and Summer which provide a wonderful heritage and strong
bloodline.  His pedigree and bloodlines are full of championships and
OFA certifications. You can see additonal pictures and pedigree by
clicking on his name.
Kramm's Golden Reuger
Kramm's Golden Ruby
Kramm's Golden Angel
Tucker is our newest male as of 2019.  We have raised him from a
puppy, and he comes from our most beloved Ranger and Annie are are
exceptional in every way.  Tucker is a very gentle and attentive male,
and we love his golden coat just like his parents!  Multiple championships
and OFA ceritfications in his line, and we are excited to have Tucker as a
part of our golden lineage!  You can see Ranger's heritage by clicking
Ranger's and Annie's link.
Kramm's Golden Eagle Tucker
Miss Ruby (above) is one of our  second generation goldens as she is the
daughter of Texas Ranger and Beauty. Ranger and Beauty joined our golden
family as our in-laws adopted them as puppies from Gold-Rush kennels in
New Jersey.  Ruby was born May 31, 2016, and she has a beautiful blocky
build and rich golden coat like her dad.  She is a natural mother as her first
litter just arrived this week!  Pictures of Ruby and her newborns are on the
available puppies page, and you can check out Ruby's pedigree and
additional pics by clicking on her name.