Comments from Customers and Vet
The Whartons . . . Mt. Juliet, TN.  2005

"Gracie (Amazing Grace) is great!  She
is so east going.  She has barked only
five times in the last six months and
never whines.  We took her camping
and she loves the water.  She swims
and loves riding the jet ski.  We get
compliments on her wherever we take
her.  She was a hit at the park during
soccer season, and I'm sure she will
go with us again in the fall as well."
Dr. Horner . . . Hoof and Paw Animal Clinic,
Cross Plains, TN

At the puppies six week check up on August
23, 2005 our vet commented that "these
puppies have the prettiest coats I have ever
seen, and I certainly see lots of puppies."
"We are one of the proud recipients of Anni's
puppies that you flew from TN to FL.  He is so
beautiful.  The puppy is adjusting well.  My
son Josh decided to name him Shadow.  He
has wanted a golden retriever ever since he
and the 'Air Bud' movies.  Thank you once
Christy Milliken, Florida
March 2005
Rob and Donna Key . . .Clarksville, TN  2007
(card from pup to Mom!)
"Happy Mother's Day"  I'm loving my new
family!  I will always remember what a great
mom you were!  Love, Rakkie (pronounced
July 2007
"Darby is a great addition to our family.  Here
she has climbed to the top of one of the
bushes by our patio.  She just decided that
'she wanted to'!  She is a great tribute to our
golden Millie that we recently lost."
Dear Shannon,
I just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful Willow. She has settled in
wonderfully and the kids absolutely adore her!
Her first night home she howled and barked the entire night in her crate.
Thank God it was a weekend! lol Yesterday I didn't put her in her crate at all
until last night. She never had an accident and she slept ALL NIGHT in her
crate without a sound and it was clean and dry this morning! She tried to get
on the couch only once and with only one redirection and a "No" she hasn't
tried again. She's already doing quite well on her leash although she's not
too sure about her collar!
We already love her immensely and are so happy to have her in our home!
Thanks so much to you and Tim and your beautiful family for taking such
good care of her! I'm sure you'll hear from me from time to time.

Take Care,
Denise Perkins
Rena & Rio's female - November 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I took Max to the vet
this morning and he checked out very well.  He is
the most calm, beautiful puppy I've seen in a
long time.  I got compliments on him from the bus
stop to the vet and then Pet Smart.  Everyone is
amazed at how "content" and "quiet" he is.  My
doorbell hasn't stopped ringing for the neighbors
wanting to help us entertain him.

Thanks for sharing your part of Rio and Anni with us.

Lisa Mays
Anni & Rio's pup - November 2007
P.S . He only woke up once last night and then went
back to sleep after I
took him out.  I can't ask for more right now.
Dear Shannon and Tim and children,
Thank you very much for your nice note!  We are already in love with our
little "Teddy"! Teddy's formal name is Ascot's Teddy Bear.  Our first
wonderful Golden was Ascot and our next precious Golden was to honor their memory, we've named this little guy "Teddy". The
vet proclaimed him fine and fit and thinks he'll be a "very smart one"
because he really gets intent on looking at our faces.  He's doing pretty
well on knowing the word "out" and getting to the door in time.  He also
knows "home" (i.e. when we're out in the yard to head back inside") and
he's learning the hand command for "sit".  We're working on "no"...but his
little teeth just want to chew and he hasn't quite got that one
figured out! We've started him on the leash - just short little walks down
the street a ways - and he's doing very well learning about the lead.

Teddy's already made friends with the neighbors....he's quite popular!  
One neighbor has an 18 month old hound/Shepard mix who is very
gentle with Teddy and they love to play together.  Another neighbor has a
7 year old Bassett Hound who also thinks Teddy is wonderful....quite a
funny sight to see a Basset Hound trying to run around playing with a
puppy!  Our next door neighbor's 8 year old grandson spends a lot of
time with them, so Teddy is having fun playing with him too. He's getting
plenty of attention and exercise.  

We will send more photos as he gets older.  He is just a beautiful little
Golden and Hank and I couldn't be happier.  If ever we can refer a friend
who wants a Golden we will certainly give them your name.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hank joins me in sending our best regards to all the Kramms,
Nikki Faulkner,
Anni & Rio male (above)
November 2007
Dear Shannon,

Jake (puppy 8’s name) is the most precious
dog we have ever seen. Everyone in Steph’s
family is crazy about him. Fred keeps offering
to take him. In fact on Saturdays when he
does errands he likes to go get Jake and
show him off. Thank you so much. We feel
like God led us to the perfect dog. Hope you
have a wonderful Christmas. I am not sure
how to send pictures but will try after

God bless,
Madeline, Texas
Rena and Rio male
November 2007
Nice meeting you last night.   We'll keep in touch.
PS...named her Macy....goes nicely with the other two, Miah and Maximus.

Rena and Rio's female pup
November 2007
I drove from Savannah Georgia to you in
September 2006.  We now live in Southern
California but I just wanted to
let you know what a beautiful Golden Retriver
Elliot has grown to be.  He is a big boy
weighing in at 100 pounds.  Everywhere we
go he gets complimented on how
"magnificent" he is.  He is so gentle and
loves everyone.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful
friend and companion.

Minnie is doing great and parents
parents love her so much; mom
has offered to "timeshare" her
with us.  Haven't taken her up on
that one!  She took to the pool
unlike any golden we have had
before - and we have had some
good swimmers!  We officially
graduate from obedience school
this week (after only 6 wks.).  Next
we are going to start dock diving
and agility with Minnie.  It has
become a family activity, and you
should see Bella barking out
commands.  Minnie obeys her
but has this look on her face that
brags and brags on him - and he really
loves his bath!!! (Oakley is also cared for
at Orchard Park) He is really a blessing
to us, can't imagine life without him!
How can you not love him? He always
brings a smile to my face when I come
home and he is there - every inch of him
wiggling with excitement that I am
He is definatley a retriever! He could
play ball or frisbee all day long! We're
anxiously awaiting summer for our trips
to the lake! We're sizing him for his life
jacket now!
If you recall, we purchased a male pup
(Major) from you to be delived by Santa
at the welcome station last
December.  Major is a beautiful, big
dog whom we
love so much.  We are looking for a
sister for him from Sunshine and
Bear's litter.
As you know, we also live in Springfield. Every time we have "Oak" and we
drive past, I tell him that is where his mom and dad live. One day we'll have to
stop to visit.  Thanks so much for this wonderful 3rd member of our family!!!

Les and Sarah Howell
"Oakley Titan Howell" (male)
Rio and Annika liter September 2007
Please provide me, again, with your address to send a deposit to
reserve one of the pups, if available.  We have been so pleased with
Major and enjoyed working with you so much.  We'd love another puppy
from you!  Thanks so much.  Hope all is well with you and your family.
Angel from Alabama
Rio & Rena male December 2007
Well I just wanted to let you know that Elle
Born 9/14/06 will soon be 2 years old and is
still the love of our life.  She is absolutely
beautiful, and we don't go anywhere that she
doesn't get compliments.  She also is Miss
December in the 2009 Golden Retreiver
Calendar.  We will send you a copy!  

Ruth from Texas
Anni female 2006
is priceless!  Our trainer is very impressed with Minnie and wants your
play soccer together.  When we take her to Bella's games, she doesn't
Our Best,
Ashton, Becky, Bella & Minnie - Kentucky
Sunshine's pup 2007

Here are our babies. Boomer is laying down. Brady (we had to
change his name) is sitting like a good boy. They just had their
4th set of shots. Boomer weighs 21.6 and Brady who is quite a
bit bigger weighs in at 24.8. We love them!!!!!
Laurie, Tennessee
Bear and Lily males (above), July 2008
Hi Shannon,
I just wanted to let you know
that Hardy is doing great.  
He has only cried once at
night and that was for only 5
minutes.  I guess the sound
machine is doing wonders.
He is such a good puppy and
very smart.  We are certainly
enjoying our new addition to
the family.

Kelly England, Tennessee
Bear & Lily male, July 2008
Hi Shannon - Just wanted to send you some
pictures of Piper  (from Anni &  Bear's litter on
August 15, 2008).  She is just  gorgeous and we
love her  soooo much!  She has the cutest
personality and is a very  peppy little  thing.  She
loves the neighborhood kids and is growing like
a weed.  She  starts her puppy training class on
Saturday.  We hope you  all are doing  well and
we're so glad we find you all!!  
Kelly Napier, Tennessee
Anni & Bear female,
September 2008
had a puppy like her.  She is definitely all puppy but she works hard and tries
to please.  She has amazed me with how quickly she learns and doesn't
backslide with her training.  Tell Anni that her fetch instinct has been passed
down the line.  Sophie will sit and fetch for such a long time.  As I sit here
typing I am tossing a ball through the house so I can at least finish this task
before we go on a little walk.  The kids love having a dog that wants to play with
them (and play and play and play)  I will attach a picture or two.  She is just a
beautiful golden with an equally beautiful personality.  I know she is this way
because of the wonderful love that Anni and you all gave her as a young
puppy.  Thank you for sharing such a blessing with us.
Have a great fall and we will keep in touch!

Jennie Ford, Tennessee
Anni & Bear female
September 2008
We just wanted to thank you all again for making this a you
while we were there. Paul and I have had a chance to meet a
lot of people over the time of his Air Force career and they
are all across the states. I am glad that we get to add you to
the list of very sweet people that brought a little part of our
family(KayCie) to us!

KayCie is doing wonderful and has moved in as if she had
always been here. You have done an outstanding job! If we
ever were to get another Golden we will for sure be coming
back to you.
Thanks again,
Shannon, Paul and girls
Lily & Bear female,
September 2008
Jennie Ford, Anni &
Bear female, "Sophie"
September 2008
I just wanted to let you know how it's going with the puppy. We named him Bo. His
is a very big boy. He weighed 38 pounds last week at his check-up. He is doing
pretty good with the house training- still has an occasional accident, but over all
seems to be doing well. We have had a little problem with ear infection but it
doesn't seem to bother him. Both Bo and our older golden, Henry have ear
infections right now. They play pretty rough and like to pull on each others ears,
which I'm sure doesn't help the situation. We just love him and he has such a
sweet personality. I just wanted to give you a quick update and send you a picture. I
see you still have a pup left from his litter, are you keeping him? Thanks so much
for helping get this new addition to our family. May God bless you and yours. I will
make sure and keep your info for referrals and if we ever are looking for another
we will be sure to contact you. Thanks again. :)
Pierrette Wessels, Tennessee
Sunshine & Bear male, "Bo" (right)
September 2008
Hey Shannon,
Boulder is the sweetest dog we have ever owned! He and Christian are best friends- and the neighborhood has
fallen in love with him! We had him fixed about 2 months ago- and everything went great with that. I was almost
afraid to do it because they say it calms males down- and I could not imagine this dog any calmer! He lays at my
feet until the boys come in from school and after that he is fetching outside with them or the neighbors. I would
our family perfect-and is truly never been any trouble. Never chewing on anything but his toys- easy to be potty
trained, and has no problem being off a leash- he stays with us and listens so well! I keep being told he would
make a great therepy dog to elders- because of his laid back attitude. He has 3 lab friends he hangs out with-
and a new one on the way (they are getting a white one) All indoor dogs!:) I attached their picture too! And of
course his best bud Brutus the english mastiff (he has always got boulders back) !

We have ordered him a life vest for the boat and plan to try it out this weekend with him! Thank you so much for a
your high standards in raising dogs! We could not be more pleased with ours and hope to extend our family with
another- one day. But it would have to be one of yours!

Natalie and family
Murfreesboro, TN
Liberty & Bear male (above)
picture (above)  taken Oct. '10
I have been meaning to send you some pictures and let you
know -- our 'little girl' is awesome.  She, of course, is the great
family pet we knew she would be; but in addition to that she is
turning out to be a good little hunter and got her first duck with
anyone asking how your pups are for hunting).  She loves the
water and already 'knows her job' while she is out there.  Also,
she is a great running partner for me.
Our daughter (Charity) -- has Rocky from the same litter (as
you recall).  He is also doing great -- and has been dove and
pheasant hunting in SD.
Thanks again -- we are so glad that we found you in our search
for the perfect golden!

Liberty & Bear female (right)
Picture (right) taken Oct. '10
Hope your summer is going well. Wanted to give you an update on
Anni’s pups.  Blair (#1) and Mae (#6) are growing like weeds. At four
months they were 33 and 29 pounds.  Blair in the front and Mae in the
back in the picture together. (
pictured left) They are so smart, sweet
and loving girls. They have mastered sit, stay, shake, come, chewing
up sticks in the yard and the invisible fence. They have a blast playing
with each other.

Kathy - Georgia
Anni & Samson female
summer 2010
is priceless!  Our trainer is very impressed with Minnie and wants your
contact information.  Minnie also loves to go down Bella's slide and they
play soccer together.  When we take her to Bella's games, she doesn't
Our Best,
Ashton, Becky, Bella & Minnie - Kentucky
Sunshine's pup 2007
Hello Shannon -- Just wanted to give you an up-date on how Finn is doing.  I weighed him the Sunday after I
picked him up, and he weighed 17 lbs.  When I took him to the vet last Saturday for his 3rd round of shot, they
weighed him, and he weighed 18.5 lbs.  A pound and one half in one week!!  Do you have any idea how much
Sampson weighs??  We think Finn is going to follow in his dad's foot steps.  He is doing well with his crate and
house training -- he's only had a couple of accidents in the kitchen, and those were mostly my fault because I
got busy doing something and got off his "tinkle" schedule.  We've been working with him on "sit" and "stay"; he
seems to understand the "sit" part, but he is still a little too "squirmie" on the "stay" part.  Joe has had him out in
the yard quite a bit while he's been doing some landscaping and gardening.  From this, we've learned that Finn
is a good hole digger, likes to carry around the empty plant containers, and doesn't mind being squirted by the
hose.  Finn took his first trip to the upstairs part of our house on Monday, and when he first saw the stairs, I think
he thought he was facing Mt. Everest.  He did OK with going up the stairs, but was very slow and cautious
coming down.  He's a treat every day!  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for our boy!!

Leslie - Hendersonville, TN
Anni & Samson male 2010
Picture (below) taken at
6 mos. age - fall 2010
The puppies are growing!!! At 15 weeks old, Shiloh weighs 40 lbs. and Michaela weighs
32.2. They love going "Outback" which means a good running exhaustive romp in the
backyard. Michaela took one swipe and the puppy door was her obedient servant. Shiloh
reluctantly followed her. Michaela is still the inquisitive one, but Shiloh will 'come' when
called unlike his sister. Knock on wood, but we are starting to get up in the AM to floors that
look like they looked when we went to bed!!! They are still best friends for playing and
sleeping. They are looking strong and healthy. They are happy puppies. Heaven forbid that
you come downstairs with 'different' shoes on! It is as if a new person has entered the
room, but then from their perspective I guess that is not unreasonable!

Patsy - Huntsville, Alabama
Ginger and Prince male and female  
Pictured  below and right
summer 2010
Our new puppy is doing great we adore her!  
suggestions said Fri and Sat, but probably
due to new environment...but eating good
today, sleeping and playing.  Read all your
info and following your suggestions.  They
are very helpful.  She is so good and such a
sweetheart.  You did a great job socializing
her with your family.  We can't decide on a
name.  Robert wants to name her Samantha
Debbie - Murfreesboro, TN
Anni & Samson female
pictured right
Hi Shannon,
him and calls him the commercial dog b/c he’s so fluffy!  He
had a grand ole time down at his first football game in
Auburn last week!  I don’t think that out of the 100s of
people that stopped us, that didn’t say something about
him.  We have come to find out that Nick knows Cody’s litter
mate, and so we have a scheduled play date with them
soon.  My nephew, Parker, and Cody love to wear each
other out…he absolutely adores children and runs up to
them.  While we were recently at the lake (gave him a bath
and made him swim to us) we met another of your
clients…Kim McKimmon.  I have always been good friends
with her and she said that her dog is so laid back that she
takes her to work with her!  I have recommended you to
many people!  We are so happy that we got Cody and
couldn’t be happier.  Cody inspired me to come up with a
blog (about our crazy life to new parenthood with a
puppy…you can guess that there is a lot of posts about
him).   If you ever want to keep a daily journal of our life with
Cody, I suggest you look up my blog…I would even love to
put a link to your site.  
Ellen & Nick Miles - Alabama
Lily and Bear male 2009, pictured left
It's been over 4 years since we got Sayje (pronounced like Sage),
but  thought it would still be good to send a note. She has been the
perfect dog for the 4 years we've had her, she was born September
14, 2006. She gets compliments everywhere she goes and is the
happiest, most friendly dog in the world! She loves the water and
loves to play; whether it be chasing after balls, with other dogs, or
just rolling around by herself with a bone! At 90 pounds, she's still
as playful and happy as she was when she would fall asleep in a
shoe! She has a wonderful personality and we wanted to thank you
for the opportunity for her to become part of our family!
Anni female
born Sept 2006
Ginger and Prince Female
pic taken spring 2010
Miss Dolly lives in Nashville!
Mae (left) and Blair (right) at 10 mos.
Liberty and Bear male, Nov 09 litter
Rockstar lives in South Dakota
right before our eyes.  She is now a solid 31 lbs and as
sweet(although naughty) as can be.     She loves the
water, hates getting her nails trimmed, and tolerates
brushing.  She will come up and rest her head on the
couch and let a big sigh while starring at you until you
invite her up.  She loves people.  She loves going for a
walk because she knows that she is going to get a ton of
attention from our neighbors.  You would think that we
never feed her by the way she acts about food.  I do
believe that she would eat us out of house and home if
we let her.

I have had one occasion where I was lying on the floor on
my side while watching tv.  She came up behind me and
sat down and then put her head on my waist and watched
tv.  I am also currently 23 weeks pregnant and she will
nozzle up to my stomach and lay her paw where ever she
feels baby boy move.  
Liberty & Bear female April 2011
Hillary Patterson
Oak Grove, KY
Picture (below):  I will typically find the dog right in that
spot or underneath the table if Lilly is sitting there.
Ginger & Prince female
April 2012
I hope you and your family are doing well!  I just wanted to send you a
couple pics and an update on the puppy I bought from you last month! I
named her Luna and she has been such a fun addition to my life!  She
has the cutest little personality and is extremely smart.  We are currently
doing Pup Scouts and not to brag, but she is definitely the class star!  
So far she has learned sit, shake, down, come, and stand.  All of my
family and friends absolutely love her and she has done extremely well
in a variety of circumstances.  She isn't scared of a thing and loves
everyone she meets!  Everyone at the Vet's office adore her and he says
she is a very healthy, smart, and beautiful puppy!  He is very impressed.  
I can't thank you enough for caring so much about the quality of your
goldens. I definitely think that Daisy's first litter is a great success!  
Jennifer McCoy
Nashville, TN
Daisy & Samson female 2012 (pictured right)
I had to send you this photo of our Lacey! One year ago today her sweet
momma had 12 puppies at your place and Lacey was one of them! She
continues to be the love of our life and is the most amazing, loving dog. And
her color is absolutely perfect! I just had to share this with you all!
Kim and Mark Iverson
Bowling Green Ky.
Angel & Samson female 2012 (above)
Just wanted to give you an
update on our "little" Sarge!  
He went to the vet yesterday
and was 13.5 Lbs. Our vet
informed us he was going to
be a very big boy! We just
love him! He's figuring out
potty training and can
already sit and lay down. I've
been working from home so
I can spend as much time
with him and concentrate on

Thank you again for our
precious baby boy!

Nicole & Travis Hawkins
Nashville, TN
Gracy & Samson male
2012 (right
All is well on this end...he's been great, very laid
back. He goes to the clinic
every day. Thanks again
Dr. Bill Rye, Veternarian
Brentwood, TN
Ginger & Prince male, April 2012 (below)
member of our family. He's doing very well in his crate training. He goes in
without a fuss and hardly ever whines. The first night here was a little rough
since we both were trying to figure out what we were doing :) He hasn't had an
accident in his crate at all since that first night. Last night, he slept a wonderful
8 hours straight. It was a pleasant surprise, as I was ready to take him out after
4 hours. Gunnar just loves him so much. I don't think he put Nitschke down at
all this past week. The seem like they are going to be the best of friends, well,
whenever Nitschke isn't nipping at him. They get along great. Watching them
play in the yard and hearing my son laugh is so awesome.  We've got Nitschke
signed up for some private puppy classes and he starts on Thursday! Since
Dan is gone, it's been tough to instill constant discipline and reward when
needed. I think the classes will help out immensely and make things easier for
me as a single mom for the moment. I'm excited to get him started!   Our cat,
Walter, well, he doesn't think too highly of Nitschke. And Nitschke could really
care less. I don't even know if he notices Walter hissing at him :)  This is
something completely new for Walter and I know he'll come
around....eventually. Until then, Nitschke is the king of the downstairs, while
Walter rules the upstairs.  Speaking of stairs, Nitschke is catching on fast! He's
able to go up the three steps we have on our patio. Going down is still a bit of a
challenge. It's funny to watch him try to figure it out and bark in frustration that
he's stuck and can't get down the stairs. I'm certain he'll figure it out soon.  
Today, he sat on command! I was so excited! I tried to get him to do it again,
and, well, that didn't happen. But it's good to know that he's learning quickly
(especially when there are treats to be had).  I suppose that's all for now!
Thank you so much! We love Nitschke so much and look forward to years and
years of unconditional love from him. I will keep in touch and send you more
updates and pictures as he grows older.

Take care!
Hannah Knudsen
Ft. Campbell, KY
Gracy & Samson female Dec 2012 (left)
how wonderful it is to have Oakley in our family.  He was born in
the Angel and Samson litter in April 2012, and we just celebrated
his 1st birthday. He has grown into a handsome boy who is a big
lover who loves to snuggle.  He is so sweet to everyone we meet,
and no matter where we go, people are always wanting to come
up and pet him. He is a fast learner and only wants to please us.  
You all have such wonderful dogs and we are so thankful to have
gotten the perfect family dog from you.  We are always checking
your website to look at the beautiful new litters of puppies that are
born, and we always let Oakley take a look at his many
half-siblings :) We hope your family is doing well and we thank
you again for our sweet Oakley.
Haley and Ryan Van Wie
Ft. Campbell, Tennessee
Angel & Samson male 2012 (right)
P.S. Ryan just left for his first deployment to Afghanistan 2 days
ago and Oakley has truly been the best company to have around
through this tough time for us.  He misses his daddy terribly but
he loves to look into the camera when we video chat :) I am so
before Ryan left.
Laurel and I hope you and your family are doing
well!  We just wanted to get in touch with you and
show you how much Sadie has grown since we
brought her home.
It is hard to believe it has already been 5 weeks
since we came up to see her for the first time!
Since bringing her home we have enjoyed every
minute of having her as part of our family. She is
so full of life and happiness and always ready to
play (unless she's tired haha).
We wanted to thank you again for allowing us to
add her to our lives and we will continue to send
photos as she grows! Below are a few photos
spanning from when we drove her home from TN
to this past Easter weekend!

Philip & Laurel Lackey
Tuscaloosa, AL
Gracy & Samson female, Dec. 2012 (left)