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Today the Golden Retriever is  one of the most well known breeds of North America.  According to the American
Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever has ranked second in popularity in over 150 recognized breeds.

The Golden Retriever has many fantastic qualities which include a positive temperament, never showing
aggression, nor being timid or nervous.  Although most Goldens will give warning when a stranger approaches,
you should not expect yours to act as a guard dog.  They are very loving, friendly and will be deeply devoted to
your family.  Goldens are highly intelligent and easy to train with a kind disposition that enables them to fit in well
with your other family pets.  Temperament, intelligence, love and obedience put the Golden in the top of its class.

The Golden Retriever was bred originally in Scotland and England in the late 1800's for use in hunting and
retrieving.  It is considered to be in the Sporting Group of dog breeds and was first recognized by the American
Kennel Club in 1925.

Today the Golden Retriever has many uses, both professional and personal.  They compete in several events
which include obedience, field trials, show rings and agility.  They have been used professionaly by rescue
teams and for assistance and therapy with the handicapped.

In my opinion, the Goldens best trait is their adoration of children and family.  They never retaliate even when
provoked.  Your new puppy will aim to please you and will bring many years of joy and fun into your life!
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Izzie and Ranger puppies - born Feb. 25, 2018
Full American puppies
1 male avaialble
Ready for homes on/after April 20, 2018
Misty and Duke puppies arrived March 27, 2018
ready for their forever homes on/after May 15
(full English puppies:  4 males, 3 females)
available for deposit 4 males, 3 females
Upcoming litter due May 31, 2018
Captain and Sheba
Samson and Daisy female
March 2012
Anni & Samson female
May 2010
Daisy & Samson males at 5 weeks
January 2013
Daisy & Samson males at 5 weeks
January 2013
Angel & Samson female -- May 2012
Angel & Samson male -- may 2012
Gracy & Samson male